Thursday, June 28, 2007

IF - Camouflage

The seldom seen Scottish Tartan Lizard, is a reptile capable of camouflage in plaid or tartan environments.

Tarties as they are known in the Scottish Highlands can be identified by their plaid scales, and reddish-orange sideburns. The prefered home of the Tartan Lizard is of course the kilt, but they will also nest on bagpipes, and argyle socks.

Although Tarties are distant cousins to the chameleon they are only capable of shifting the appearance of their scales to match plaid or tartan patterns. Some Scientists believe there is also a strong link between the Tarties, and the Lock Ness Monster.

The Scottish Tartan lizard is also know to inhabit England, Wales, Ireland, Canada, and parts of the United States. During the 1970's in the U.S. a new breed of Tartie emerged. This new breed lived solely on the loud plaid jackets of used car salesmen, and t.v. anchormen. In the 1980's a drastic change in fashion patterns threatened to extinct the American Tartie.

Thanks to the work of television actor Frank Boner (WKRP's Herb Tarlek) the American Tartie was saved with the his "No Plaid Left Unworn" campaign which created Tartie awareness, and new habitats from secondhand sports jackets.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award!

Pickledog and I are grinning from ear to ear, because our mega-talented friend Mike R Baker awarded us a Thinking Blogger Award! Now we have the honor of passing it along to five other bloggers that make us think. It was difficult to narrow it down to just five because there are so many amazing artist bloggers that I could have given out a dozen awards easily.. but rules are rules so here are our five picks (in no particular order.)

Justin Parpan I first saw Justin's illustrations when his book Gwango's Lonesome Trail was featured on Drawn!, and I was blown away. He draws a mean monster, and far out fantastic backgrounds that are the giant mutant bees knees!

Jannie Ho (Chicken Girl) Her illustrations are fun, colourful, and super cute! It is impossible not to smile when you see her work, heck I'm smiling just thinking about them!

Brian Gubicza (Goobeetsablog) He pulls together the various images of his dreams to create the most beautifully designed illustrations. Sometimes wild. Sometimes spooky. Always terrific!

Kathryn Howard (Scribblesk) Her blog is named Sniplings which is just as super-cute as her illustrations. I just love the all textures, and fun brush strokes in her creative collages.

Elizabeth Siegel (Tofusquirrel) Her amazing work makes me want to turn off my computer, and break out my Prismacolors. Not only does she create the most wildly original drawings, but she also makes fantastically cute little creatures called "critters." Something tells me she will flooded with critter requests very soon if she isn't already.
critters © 2007

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

IF -Rejection

Pickledog, and I are so thrilled to have been selected as the illustration of the week! I know it's random but it still feels like winning the illustration lottery. We want to thank everyone for all of the wonderful comments. Thank you so much : )

It is difficult starting out, especially when you don't have much experience. Tom Mayto's resume was impressive, but Farmer Higgins Catsup was looking for a tomato with a bit more experience, and Tom was still much too "green."

That's Higgins Catsup.. "made with only the freshest red tomatoes"

note: Tom Mayto, and Farmer Higgins are fictional characters. Any resemblance to real tomatoes living, or bottled is purely coincidental.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

IF - Suit

Due to various demographics combined with an increase in internet usage complied with a shifting trend towards, and away from consumer goods Pickledog's accountant has advised us to take on a proactive marketing strategy that includes (but is not limited to) brand orientated illustrations.

So.. this weeks Illustration Friday entry is brought to you by Slim & Shorty's BIG & Tall Mens Suits. If you're big or tall choose Slim & Shorty's for your next suit. With three convenient locations. Tell them Pickledog sent you, and receive your pants half off.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

IF - My Paradise

My paradise is the secret Isle of Hidden Snacks. Thee map's not quite finished but we shall tellz yer the tale..
Me first mate Pickledog, and I were caught in a storm on the Orange Sea. Our ship was way off course, the compass needle was spinning round and round. We though we wuz doomed to meet Davy Jones in the big orange drink. Huge tangerine waves (thirty feet high if they were an inch) crashed against our stout ship throwing us overboard. We grabbed hold of a giant orange wedge floating beside us, and held on to the giant citrus for dear life.

In the morning we awoke on strange sugary sand, we had unknowingly discovered the Isle of Hidden Snacks...

A detail of our secret map. We only show yee cause we're pirate friendz.

At the centre of the island we built a tree house in the Dark Chocolate Forest. Beware me pirate friendz of thee Root Beer Ghost that lives in the Licorice Lake nearby. He is very friendly, but kind of gassy.

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