Monday, August 28, 2006

IF - Run

With school starting next week I was thinking back to my school days, and running to catch the bus. Beep-Beep.. late for school!

Happy Birthday Review

Last week was my B-Day, and as tradition I always take the day off (legitimately of course.) As a kid it was always summer vacation on my big day so it never feels right to be working on August 24th. Shys woke me up bright and early with a surprise.. a Pirate theme breakfast party complete with hats and treasure arggghh.. and then more surprises. We were going to Toronto for a fun filled day that included visiting the CBC Museum, a micro brewery tour, diner and The Lord of the Rings musical! I was nerding out!

The CBC museum was very special to me because they had a display for the greatest kids show ever.. Mr. Dressup! I saw the Tickle Trunk, original story boards, Mr. Dressup's easel, and Casey's Tree House. For those of you that may not know who Mr. Dressup is well, he was like Mr. Rogers but cooler.

Mr. Dressup's Tickle Trunk!

Mr. Dressup with Casey at the tree house from the original show.

Mr. Pickles wearing a pirate mustache in front of the tree house.

Next we were off to the Steam Whistle Brewery which was only a few blocks away, and next to the CN Tower. The brewery is located inside an old train roundhouse which is now a historical site. The beer is oh so tasty, and the tour was most educational. It lasted about one hour, and for $8 each we got beer samples, the tour and souvenir glasses AND I got to "toot" the actual steam whistle!

The Lord of the Rings was fun times. At the start while everyone is still finding their seats the hobbits were running about in the aisle being fat hobbits. One lady hobbit was falling down (I think she was supposed to be drunk) and she flipped over the seats in front of us and kicked a young lady in the head by accident! Ahhh.. the thrill of live theater. We had a good time, as the rest of the show had less kicks to the head, and lots more singing. Hobbits and signing.. how could we not have a good time?

Shys, thank you for a wonderful B-Day!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

IF - Match

Have you ever heard of the Fairy Sock Mother? Well.. when you are missing a sock always leave the lone sock under your pillow. At night the Fairy Sock Mother will visit you. The Fairy Sock Mother will fly into your bedroom and collect un-matching socks with her Magical Golden Sock Tongs from Fairyland. Then if your sock smells ripe enough, she will leave you a new matching pair at the foot of your bed. Your old sock is taken back to Fairyland where they are used to stuff the crotches of magicians.

The End

Monday, August 14, 2006

IF - Play

The lttle marching band plays at the parade with a little parade banter from Barry and Susan.

Barry & Susan: Welcome back to the Thirty First annual Pickle Parade!

Barry: Is that music I hear Susan?

Susan: No, Barry it’s the Marching Wiener Band from Bratsville Ontario.

Barry: Oh Susan, the Marching Wieners Band travels all over the world playing a special brand of music like no one has ever heard before.

Susan: Well Barry, that’s certainly true, and I hope I never hear music played like this again! Hah hah hah...

Barry: Anyway Susan.. our next float is constructed out of old wigs, and is a tribute to fudge...

Monday, August 07, 2006

IF - Capture

It is always disappointing to Grumpel when the castles give up before the smashing even gets started. Capturing a castle without smashing is no fun at all.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

IF - Clean

Last night we went out for curry. We both had the Banana Lime Chicken Curry. It was super tasty and really green. This reminded me of one of my old professors that would go out for curry once a week to clean out his system. He swore that he had not been sick in over a decade. This was attributed to the magic powers of curry.

Three cheers for curry!!

PS If anyone finds themselves in Kitchener I do recommend the Rude Native Bistro and its spicy curry goodness.