Tuesday, February 28, 2006

IF - Tea For Two

Lately I have been trying to push my style hard in the pursuit of lush textures and dreamy brush strokes. Meet Lea, and her friend the Blue Haired Tea Yeti.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

IF - Song

After this weeks blast of winter I started to day dream about spring, and the song Robin in the Rain became lodged in my brain (somewhere between “how to make coffee” and my locker combo from highschool.) To make it worst I only knew the first verse of the song. I had a very minature Raffi in my head. Rocking back and forth in his brightly coloured shirt, and guitar repeating the first verse over and over. So here is my little Robin in the Rain with lyrics so you can all know and enjoy them.

Robin in the Rain

Robin in the rain
What a saucy fellow
Robin in the rain
Mind your socks of yellow

Running in the garden
On your nimble feet
Digging for your dinner
With your long, strong beak

Robin in the rain,
You don't mind the weather
Showers always make you gay
But the worms are wishing
You would stay at home
Robin on a rainy day

Written By: Clare Burke

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hey There

Cartoon fun on Wednesday! Just a fun doodle distraction to get over hump day.

Here's my thought process:
"Draw a guy poking someone with a long poking stick."
"Make one guy really odd looking and the other guy is a businessman. NO wait.. a body builder!"
"The stick should be stickier, yeah and make the guy in a bear.. no beaver suit, and they should be in the desert."
"The muscle guy needs cowboy boots, and a hat, yeah with a star."
"The beaver suit needs a maple leaf because beavers are Canadian, now just a bit more yellow."
That is how to draw a guy in a beaver suit poking a muscle man cowboy in the desert.

Monday, February 13, 2006

IF - Simple

Simple gone wrong is always funny, and to me there is something very calming about a bicycle all disassembled.


Happy Valentine's Day to a very special squirrel from a big nut.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

IF - Glam

ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?!! CUZ THESE DUDES ARRE! The Johnny Frumps were the brightest star in the Glam Rock Universe from December 10, 1980 to January 12, 1981. Johnny Bolts lead vocals. Johnny Kimono lead guitar, and the wild Aussie Johnny Dingo on drums. The Frumps (as their fans called them) had one hit single “Hair Rules The World.” In a freak accident Johnny Bolts fried his hair with his own invention The Electric Home-Hair. After the accident his hair was never the same and the band broke up.