Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Ghost Donkey of Gudgeonville

The Zombie Board of Canada sent me out to research reports of a haunted bridge in Gudgeonville Pennsylvania. There folks tell of a ghostly donkey braying each night. The night air filled with the chilling sounds of a poor donkey who met a cruel end at the Gudgeonville Bridge.

The story...
We camped out at the bridge hoping to photograph the ghost donkey. The crisp air smelled like autumn leaves. In the distance an owl hooted "hoo-hoo?"

Already Pickledog was fast asleep. The clouds had completely covered the moon, surrounding us in the black of night. Then suddenly my flashlight died. I flicked the switch repeatedly. Foolishly hoping the flashlight would suddenly come back to life, but something supernatural had drained the batteries. So we sat in darkness with only the sounds of the owl, and Pickledog's snoring.

Time passed. I looked at my watch it was 12:59, plus forty-five seconds. As I looked up from my watch the clouds began to clear, and as the moonlight illuminated the forest once more, my heart lifted.

My heart sank right back down, like it was trying to hide behind my stomach. The moonlights return revealed the ghost donkey standing right between us! He glowed bright green, and floated two feet in the air. The gruesome green beasts blank stare sent chills down my spine. My hands shook as I reached for my camera, but in my panic I had forgotten that Pickledog had the camera bag, and he was still fast asleep on the other side of the ghost. How could he be sleeping through this?!

The ghost donkey opened his yellow teeth releasing the saddest, most terrifying "HEE-HAW!" HEE-HAW!" Pickledog awoke. Somehow he managed to snap a picture, blinding me with the flash in the process. I staggered blindly, my eyes buzzing with white lights as the ghost's braying rang in my ears. My foot caught on something. I fell, and then everything went black.

Happy Halloween!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

IF - Grow

What will we make with such a pumpkin? The worlds largest Jack-o-Lantern? One thousand pumpkin pies, or perhaps a delightful orange cottage?

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Zombie, zombies, everywhere...

Pickledog and I are back from our zombie trip. The bad news is, zombie sightings are way up at Lake Zombie. As seen in my photographic evidence, the underwear zombies are on the paths, in the water, and hiding in the trees!

However the Zombie Board on Canada did much to address the current situation, and it has been decided that Lake Zombie will now been know as Lake Friendly. Research determined that having 'zombie' in the name of the lake resulted in extremely high rankings in Google searches by the undead looking for vacation spots.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Zombies in their underwears!

This week I have dug up something fresh. Zombies can be pretty scary, but if you remember that trick your mom taught you to get over you fear of public speaking, zombies aren't so scary at all.

Next time you see a mob of flesh hungie zombies chomping through your neighbourhood just imagine them in their underwears. Then you will realise the brain starved monster that used to be your corner grocer isn't quite so terrifying in underoos. That is until he bites you and then you become a zombie, and people imagine you in your underwears. :P

I will be off this week, away on special assignment for the Zombie Board of Canada.

Cheers everyone, and have a great week!

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

IF - Open

With an open heart and an open mind you will go far.
Colourful craziness for the topic of open.

Cheers Everyone

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

IF - Blues

Put your paws together for the one and only Blues Trunk! Blues Trunk plays the sweetest, loneliest, most heart wrenching blues. At the end of his set the animals have to swim home through the tears.

Rando thought.. I was thinking about the Blues Hammer scene from Ghostworld, and the horrified/annoyed look on Seymour's face. I love that movie : )

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