Thursday, August 30, 2007

IF - Visitors

I like to think that when it comes time for humans to be the visitors on alien planets we can all put aside the hurt feelings caused by years of probing, and be space buddies with the aliens. We'd be S.B.F's (Space Buddies Forever) and wear lockets in the shape of alien hearts that break in two so each S.B.F. has a piece to remember their bestest friend from light years away.

I'd want Yoda to be my S.B.F. but if he got too teachy with me about the force then I'd say "Yoda.. you're cut!" and replace him with my backup S.B.F. Chewbacca.

Who would your S.B.F. be?

Created in Illustrator, and Photoshop

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

IF - Captain

Hoist the kitten mast! Swab the Lido deck! We're about to set sail..
Captain Jellybean is the brave captain of Thee Pretty Kitty. Jellybean and her crew search the seas for brightly coloured ribbons and candy. I was inspired by the great textures some of my fellow Scribble Guild mates have been creating, so this week I decided to add a bit of photoshop for extra jazz.

A larger illustrator version of the ship, and her pirate crew is posted over at the Scribble Guild.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

IF - Emergency

As a kid I did go through a short faze in which I wanted to be a firefighter. I think it was because of a book I had with super fun old fashioned firefighters complete with the old trampoline net. That is also probably where my "like" of retro styling started.. hmm.. all the pieces are coming together.

Not to go off on a book tangent, but I can remember my favorite story books as a kid were The Little Engine That Could, Scruffy the Tugboat (the book was shaped like a tugboat) and The Fire Engine Book. Of course that isn't including all my Richard Scarry books, or my Star Wars Record Books.

See? This is why it's a good thing that I am not a firefighter, my mind wanders.. well, it roams more like a pack of hungry hotdogs. Mmmm.. hotdogs..

Scribble Guild

I am happy, and excited to be a part of the super new illustration group the Scribble Guild. So excited in fact that I needed an old time newspaper headline to announce it. I feel so lucky to be joining the wonderful and talented group of Andi Butler, Kathy Weller, Jacob Souva, and Valerie Walsh. Jacob did a truly amazing job creating the web site.

Andi Butler, who you may also know as Mrs. B has already posted on the newest CRAFT, and the talented Kate O’Leary. So go there, check it out all the wonderful stuff, and then come right back here. Pickledog and I will just hang out here 'til you get back.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

IF - Missing

When Pickledog and I were just young pups our stargazer friend Sam claimed that he was abducted by an alien one clear night. To Sam it felt like he had been missing for days, but time on earth had not moved more then a second. No one really believed Sam's story until all the postcards from Nebular-X5 started to arrive. Then everyone teased Sam because he had a girlfriend.

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